Protest Song

I haven’t written a blog in ages… so much to say, I can’t find the words to say anything. We are all suffering so with what someone on my Facebook feed called PTND (Perpetual Traumatic News Disorder). How to talk about it? What to say? I’m frozen. So, I am returning to my roots… music.

This was quickly recorded at home just on my phone. You might even hear the jingle of my dog’s collar in the background. But I didn’t want to perfect it, just share it in case it helps any of you feel less lonely in this insane world.

Lyrics below 🙂

Why are you so afraid of giving up a gun?   
So afraid you’d rather chance a shooter hits your son?
And why is it my daughter should be fired for her love?
Is that the message your God sends from above?

My God say no children should be caged or in tears.
What happened to you to make you so full of fear?
If you were running from a war to save your life,
Wouldn’t you want freedom? Or is that only for whites?

Tell me what we can do to help you.
Tell me what we can do to be heard.
Tell me why you want us to go backwards,
Afraid of an educated world.

Tell me you feel the pain that I feel.
Tell me you just want to live your life.
Tell me how this makes your days better.
I’m telling you we will fight.

Cause we aren’t going anywhere.
We will not lie down.
We won’t let you take our rights away.
We are here.We are here.We are here.

Why are you so afraid to admit the earth is cooked?
Has anyone fought cancer by refusing to look?
And if you’re poor and hungry in a long forgotten town,
Keeping out the immigrant won’t bring coal jobs around.

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